1. Which payment methods does Donya Currency Exchange accept?

We accept all of the following payment methods:
ATM Machine available at store, Cash, Bank draft, Money order, and Certified cheques (Payable to Donya Currency Exchange)

2. Why are rates offered by Donya Currency Exchange better than those offered by the banks?

Our experience and knowledge gained over the years in the foreign currency exchange industry allows us to offer our customers better rates than the banks. Using state of the art technology, our customers and staff have up to the minute information on market conditions and exchange rate fluctuations.

3. Do I have to pay a percentage fee for exchanging currency?

Unlike many other companies, we do NOT charge a percentage fee on currency exchange transactions. For more information please see the Services Page.

4. When is the best time to exchange currency?

While everyone would like to get the best deal available in market, the rates are always changing, and at our office we will put forward our best efforts to provide you with the best rate possible at any given time.

5. How are currency values affected by interest rate changes?

Higher rates attract foreign investors in search of better returns. The resulting flow of money in or out of a nation’s economy will affect the value of that nation’s currency.