Gold & Coins

At Donya Currency Exchange you can trade different kind of Precious Metals . You can also bring your Gold/Silver coins for price estimation or possibly sell your item.In our West Vancouver office we do offer buy and sell services for different brand of gold/silver coins in best price available in the market. We are not limited to the services mentioned above. Our goal is to meet your needs. Contact us for more information. It is known to everybody that the "Forex Market", physically doesn't exist. But there are several issues such as day to day world news can effect the fluctuation of the currency rates in such a market. News such as Interest rates, Unemployment rates, Trade deficit, Currency supply and demand and etc.

Currency Exchange

As a full service currency exchange company, we trade majority of different currencies. Money denominated in the lawful currency of a country in exchange for another money denomination of another country.Donya Currency Exchange does NOT charges any service fee for convenience of its clients. This is while most currency exchange outlets charge a percentage fee which sometimes can be inconvenience for the clients.

International Drafts or Cheques

By providing this service, we helped our customers to pay foreign trading partners in their domestic currency faster and easier. Our trading partners are economical and reliable; a real advantage for both the customer and their international partners. Saving customer's time is our goal.

Wire Transfer

We do Wire transfers all around the world. But this is not all, our wire transfer services are with much lower Wire fees and exchange rate available in current market. All of our services are in fast time frame.Our trading partners who are all around the world, helping us to improve our services by daily basis; they are located in New York, London, Tokyo, Dubai and Tehran .For more information please contact us us .

Payment Methods

At Donya Currency Exchange, we accept funds in form of Money Order, Drafts, Cashier Cheques, Travelers Cheques and Cash. All Cheques must be payable to Donya Currency Exchange. For More information visit our Contact page.