Dynamic Rates

Our software automatically obtains up to the minute exchange rates from reliable sources. We make sure that we align our rates with the dynamic change of the market so that we stay competitive and can provide better customer service to our client without charging our clients extra fees and service charges.


Systematic Account Tracking

At Donya, we use state of the art technology to ensure that all our transactions are recorded properly with least probability of human errors. The use of such technology allows us to keep our costs down and therefore provide best rates and services to our clients.


Advanced Point of Sale (POS)

We use one of the most comprehensive and advanced Point of Sale Software (POS) software technologies for managing our currency exchange operation. Our invoices and reports have made our banks envy our system and our customers very happy.


Customer’ Records

At Donya, we take our customer records very seriously. We ensure the security and privacy of our customers and make sure they get the best service every time they walk into our stores. We keep all previous transactions, banking info, personal preferences, beneficiary contact info in our secure database